NETFLIX - Mystery Lab

Felipe Castanhari is one of Brazil's leading educational YouTubers, creating long format videos with heavy use of animation to explain complex topics. When he and Netflix got together to take these videos to the next level, we were invited to create the bulk of the animation for the new series.

With near a full hour of animation for the first season, the challenge was to come up with a captivating, functional and yet cost-effective way of creating these animations. The solution was to rely on a motion comics style, with a simple and realistic artwork that could be easily adjusted as the project matures and the scripts were changed along the process. As for the animation, we let the bulk of the movement to the camera, while the characters and elements remained almost static.

We're very proud of having birthed almost an hour of animation in a little more than 5 months on such a tight budget. But most of all, we're proud of being part of a Netflix educational series which topped the trending ranking in Brazil upon launch, helping thousands of young students to develop their interest in science, the way we had in our own childhoods with Beakman's World!

Direction: Daniel Kano, Jannerson Xavier, Victor Tchaba
Storyboard: Victor Tchaba, Amália Lage, Jon Suguiyama, Daniel Kano
Arts/Illustrations: Victor Tchaba, Daniel Kano, Jon Suguiyama, Amália Lage, 
Mateus Carvalho, Thais Perissinotto, GOMA Coletivo - Raphael Berthoud , Bruno Romão, 
Victor Eneas, Allan Arello
Motion: Victor Tchaba, Jannerson Xavier, Amália Lage, Thais Perissinotto, André Portnoy, 
Vinícius Ricardo, Luis Vilani, Samantha Oda
Project Managers: Danusa Beleze e Marcelo Moreno

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