With Nubank's exponential growth and brand maturity, the global brand design team developed a tool that helps to maintain consistency and quality across all platforms.
Our role was translated the Nubank Brand System into a new and interactive BrandBook Tool—an online platform that can be accessed by the public. It was designed to reshape the internal teams' and partners' way of working with brand systems, by stimulating curiosity and adherence.
The outcome is a brand playground, an experience showing the design guidelines and brand foundations through interactive modules and tools, and a repository where all the brand assets can be stored, updated, delivered, and downloaded.

Design and concept:
Ariane Morganti
Arthur Reis
Fernando Marar
Frederico Floeter

Motion and Interactions:
André Portnoy
Isadora Stevani

Project Management:
Natalia Hazarian

Fluxo Design

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